Question: How are you feeling in your career these days?

I am here to help you to be at the top of your game and feel awesome about being an actor with hypnotherapy.

You are probably wondering what hypnotherapy has to do with being an actor.

Well, I will let you in on a little secret:

Hypnotherapy is freaking amazing for actors.

Let me explain.

There are different hurdles that keep you from getting what you want, and most of them have to do with the

state of your mind.  

Here are just a few obstacles that may seem familiar:

1)   Lack of Confidence

There is a lot of rejection in a bunch of different ways, no matter where you are in your career. First, if your confidence was low before you started acting, being an actor can just make it worse. Besides the rejection of not booking an audition, there is also the rejection from getting dropped by your reps, your pilot not getting picked up, your movie getting a bad review, being slammed for your performance, your outfit, your personality, your appearance, and on and on.

To be in this career, it is required that a lot of people like who you are and what you do in order to make a living.

When you are constantly being judged and your career trajectory relies on people liking you, it is only human to wonder about whether what you are doing is “likeable,” ie, to question whether or not your work/personality/appearance are good enough. This leads to your confidence taking a tumble. And when you have low confidence, then usually you start "faking it until you make it" which works every now and then, but wouldn't it be nice to not have to expend extra energy faking it?!

The great thing is that hypnotherapy is an awesome confidence builder because we can change the way you perceive yourself and the rejection. The neural pathways in your mind get re-wired, which changes the way you talk to yourself, which leads to better auditions and performances because you are just doing you, instead of trying to please the casting people, directors, producers, network, etc.

Nobody like a desperate actor, it’s gross. I mean, actors don't even like desperate actors. Desperate actors don't like themselves! Would you want to date the person who was just trying to please you all the time and looking for your approval?? Or would you like the confident, focused person who is comfortable in their own skin? I think you see where I'm going with this.

2)   Dropping/Gaining weight

(Notice I used the word “dropping” and not “losing.” That is because there must be an awareness of the meaning of words and how we use them. The words “loss” and “losing” imply to the subconscious mind that something is being taken away that will be missed. It is better to say “dropping,” “shedding,” or “getting rid of” or something like that.) ANYWAY, moving on…

As we all know, appearance is a very important component of this acting biz. Conveniently for us, hypnotherapy is also very good for helping you shed extra weight, or gain weight, whichever, because your mind does what it thinks you want it do. If you have extra weight on you, we can figure out why your mind thinks it’s a good idea for you to have that and recondition the mind to understand you actually do not need or want the extra weight.

In hypnosis, the mind can tell the body what to do. Every client gets a customized recording that is full of positive suggestions around your particular issues, which you would listen to every day for a month. That repetition is what solidifies your desired changes, so that your body understands what you want it to do. Cool right?!

3)   Feeling Stuck

Ok. Sometimes, as an actor, you get to the point where you are wondering what the hell it is that you are doing. Either you are regretting not going into something with a more linear path, or you are feeling unsatisfied, or like you don’t know what to do next, or how to improve things. And sometimes, you are ready to just quit acting all together.

Hypnotherapy can help you move through all of that so that you are un-stuck. You actually have all of the answers you are seeking. Whether it is staying in acting or not, you know what is right for you. Turning inward while I guide your mind towards answers, helps you to understand what the beliefs are that make you feel stuck, which helps you make peace with the choices you have made and the ones you are going to make. That clarity is something that can be done quite naturally in hypnosis.


4)   Powerlessness

When you feel powerless, it’s usually because you feel like you don’t have any control over something. Which is fine, because you don’t. No one does.

There are glimmers of feeling like you have control, however the only things we can ever control are our own thoughts.

And isn’t it wonderful, hypnotherapy helps you to release control. We will all get a lot farther by releasing control and letting go of outcomes. The two most important words in the English language are “over” and “next.”

This is aaaalllll about your mindset.

Want to book a job, but don’t need it. Want your show to get picked up, but don’t need it to be.

These are completely different ways of thinking and completely different energies you are putting out. Our sessions will help you to change your perception from feeling powerless to knowing that you are in exactly the place you are meant to be right now, which is just a way to be more in flow so that your path is more prosperous, more enjoyable and a lot easier.

Some people prefer to have a path that is not enjoyable and easier, usually because subconsciously they don't believe they deserve to be happy, or they have been programmed from a young age to believe that life is meant to be hard. If you belief life is meant to be hard, then you are garaunteeing that it will, indeed, be hard. A lot of people are like that, and they make things harder than they need to be. I totally used to be like that.

My sessions are for those of you who would like to move on your path in this career with more peace, self-compassion, success and joy! Check out my testimonials (Praise page) for more insight into what I do.

Remember, everything is working out perfectly and for your highest good. Literally, everything.

Even that job you just totally didn't book.



"Work with Bianca. It'll be the best decision you make for yourself."

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