"These sessions have been invaluable to me!"

-Ella Thomas, LA actor

Being a working artist is such a personal investment in every way: so much time, energy, money, sacrifice and effort gladly put into your work, making a good living and staying creatively fulfilled. However, the crux of getting work in a creative field is that quite a few people have to "like" you and/or what you are doing. And because, as an artist, you put a little bit of yourself into everything you do, it makes sense that you can wind up spending quite a lot of time questioning your "likeability" which can include your talent, your uniqueness, your appearance and deep down, your worth. If you don't get that job, or if you become jaded, you can start feeling like you are aren't good enough. All of this questioning can lead to anxiety and faltering confidence which can not only seep into your personal life and wear on your relationships, but can manifest in ways that may seem unrelated, like weight issues, migraines, digestion problems or depression to name a few. That is where hypnotherapy comes in. I can help you with any issue you are having as an artist. If you are struggling with something, don't feel like you need to fulfill the expectation that you are meant to be a struggling artist. You can keep all the drama in your work and have peace and balance in your life.

A 3-session package for artists to address things like:

Overcoming Rejection

Feeling Insignificant

Losing Focus


Questioning Worthiness

Fear of Getting Fired

Feeling Ordinary


Limiting Beliefs

Forgetting Lines


Feeling Out Of Control

Losing Confidence in Your Talent

Feeling Undeserving

Getting In Your Own Way

Feeling Powerless


Our sessions together will help you regain your confidence and find balance so that you can have more enjoyment in your life and your work. It's all about remembering who you really are: Unique, significant and enough.

Each package includes a custom recording. Feel free to call for a complementary phone consultation.

I am available for sessions in person, over webcam and by phone.

    A few testimonials

    "I just booked one of my biggest roles to date! As creative people who thrive best in an artistic medium; we are equally as imaginative when it comes to obstacles we unconsciously create for ourselves. Bianca gently guided me into finding the part of my inner dialogue that was in opposition with my success and helped me redirect my energy to feel empowered and make me more effective in my work. I highly recommend Bianca to help nurture and protect your artistic endeavors."

    -Ella Thomas, LA Actress

    "I am new to hypnotherapy. As an actress of many years, the nerves and mental olympics that come with auditioning have become second nature to me and I never thought I needed help with that. Then came a job I really loved, and I found myself unable to have fun with the audition and this feeling of failure was staring me in the face. I turned to Bianca in desperation for help with this one major opportunity. I got much more than I bargained for. I was able to look at that feeling of teetering on failure and changing my belief about it. The beautiful words she said will help me in all of my work as an artist. I listened to my custom recording before the audition and went in with a sense of calm I didn't know was possible. I will use this for many years to come.  I can't thank her enough."

    -Natalie Dreyfuss, LA Actress

    "On my journey into standup comedy, Bianca helped me get over my fears of performance. She helped me retrain my brain. I used to throw up and panic before going on stage and now I do shows all the time! And the sessions were fun! Highly recommend!"

    -Andrea Pazmino, LA Comedian

    "I immediately thought that this is a great and unique idea for actors. Hardly anyone in this town addresses the inner side of acting, our unconscious motivations and unseen blocks that might hold us back despite all the great training that we’ve taken on the outside. We’re so used to being busy, creating buzz around our careers, trying to make a living for ourselves, that we hardly ever relax, slow down and delve into our deeper layers to uncover what is really driving us deep down inside.

    This is what the sessions are about. Slowing down and looking inward.

    Bianca is an actress herself and knows the business inside out, and as hypnotherapist she guided me to see and feel deeper levels of myself, recognize inner blocks, and helped to reverse deep beliefs I had about myself and my acting career.

    She’s a lovely and warm-hearted person, with positive vibes and inspiration simply pouring out of her, and she created a supportive, open and protected atmosphere, where I could really let go.
    Plus, I could take home a custom recording and listen to it again and again.

    To me, acting and success have become an inner game, and how well I do in my profession is a direct result of how aware I am of the deep beliefs that drive me and shape my reality. This is why these sessions have been invaluable to me. I highly recommend Bianca to any performer!"

    -Heiko, LA Actor

    "Thanks to our work together I can say that I am even more grounded, connected and confident than ever before, and because of that my auditioning has become fearless. I go into the room to “play” and not to BOOK the job. It’s the difference between trying not to lose and playing to win. I just booked a recurring Guest Star! Thank you, Bianca!"

    -Doug, LA Actor

    "I came to Bianca to work through some creative blocks and learn how to better deal with the unpredictable life of being an artist. She helped me change some of the core thoughts that were holding me back and find a new way of seeing things. Since our session, I’ve seen a number of concrete changes in my life including some significant new career developments, increased creativity and productivity, better sleep and an all-around boost of happiness in my daily life. She is a fantastic guide to the inner workings of your mind and is highly recommended!"

    -Sarah Chang, LA Actress

    "I went to her office wanting some kind of a change. I was able to really delve into what is holding me back from the success that I want. Bianca is amazing! She helped me get to the root of what beliefs were creating blocks and walls for me, that I was not even aware of and then we tore those blocks down. I still listen every night to my recording and definitely feel a shift happening. I am so excited and thankful that my inner voice told me to do the hypnosis with Bianca DeGroat because I do believe it is a Godsend. Thank you and much love!"

    -Emily, LA Actress