I was referred to Bianca serendipitously by a friend of friend. At the time, though, I felt that what I wanted to work on was a bit too general for what I supposed hypnotherapy could target. But after reaching out to Bianca, my concerns were put to rest.

As trite as it may sound, Bianca was able to get to the heart of the matter. As the sessions progressed and different feelings or ideas presented themselves, Bianca was able to integrate them into follow up sessions.

I felt a definite, concrete shift in the way I interacted with others and how I perceive myself, which has lasted months later, proving that work is internalized. Lastly, Bianca reminded me to breathe. And I must say that too has stayed with me: Inhale peace, exhale tension!

Whether your issue is seemingly more concrete, like smoking, or somewhat broad, like self acceptance, Bianca can be incredibly beneficial in your journey!
— A.K.

Bianca is caring, considerate, relatable and very aware of what her clients need. Sessions are ultimately catered around what YOU want to get out of it. After just a few sessions with Bianca, my health problems lessened and I was able to make it through a day without feeling ill. My stress levels dropped and I wasn’t so bent-out-of-shape over things that previously would have thrown me into emotional turmoil. I noticed my skin got brighter, my eating habits adjusted and my thoughts switched towards an unbelievable level of positivity and confidence. I had more energy and motivation and once I started treating myself better, I started treating other people better. Bianca helped get me back in touch with myself and I will continue to tell all my friends and family to go see her. When I say “life-changing,” it isn’t just a phrase!
— A.S.

I never thought I could feel comfortable and safe with a person I did not know, but this happened with my first session with Bianca. As a teenager, I find it challenging to find someone to understand me fully and not judge me for what I’m going through. She is fun, caring and patient and really easy to talk to. I could freely express myself and my fears knowing she will be there to guide me and overcome my problems. I could see a difference with my depression since our second session and I couldn’t feel better. She’s the best!
— Cynthia, 17-year-old student

I went to Bianca looking to improve my digestion. After struggling with candida, celiac disease and a handful of other ailments I was desperate. After only 2 sessions with Bianca, I feel like an entirely new person. I could eat so many things I had avoided for so long without any negative reactions. I sleep better and feel better than I have in years. I cannot recommend Bianca more!
— S.S.

Bianca saved me. I’ve had trouble in relationships in the past and she helped me realize this issue and how to get through it with strength and conviction. I have dubbed her “The Heartbreak Hypnotist!”
— R.C.

I have been struggling with self-doubt for the better part of my adult life, questioning most decisions and not trusting myself. This constant conflict inside me made me anxious, affecting my sleep and generally stressing me out. Through hypnotherapy, Bianca helped me to understand myself better. Specifically, she guided me to see why I had these negative thoughts that were tainting my self esteem and ultimately, she showed me how to change them into positive ones. Since our sessions, I noticed some immediate changes and some gradual ones. I feel calmer and more patient with myself. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore and I just have a general sense of optimism that makes my life better. I highly recommend her to anyone. The best part is that she helps you fix yourself.
— A.P.

I was very unfamiliar with the world of hypnotherapy before I began working with Bianca.  Working with her has shown me the importance of facing my problems beyond the conscious mind. Accessing my subconscious mind proved to be a truly powerful experience.  Bianca was extremely intuitive in identifying historical patterns and helped to usher in healing in several aspects of my life.
— D.T.

I don’t believe in hypnotherapy.  Whenever people talk about it, I would just shake my head, as images of being “hypnotized”(i.e. Walking around like a chicken), would dance through my head.  I still don’t know how I feel about it now.  But I do know one thing: Bianca DeGroat’s hypnotherapy made stopping smoking the easiest thing in the world.  Thank you, Bianca!
— 32 year ex-smoker

I cannot say enough about how miraculous Bianca’s work is or how much it has already changed my life. If you or someone you know needs a spiritual and vibrational boost or help with anything from flight anxiety to self-esteem issues (who doesn’t, am I right?!) Give this woman a call immediately.
— K.E.

My journey to being smoke free has always been about resistance. About “denying” myself freedom, or something silly, I’d convinced myself. At least looking back that’s the only thing that makes any sense. It was sort of the single illogical practice I participated in. I am a healthy eater. I work out regularly. I don’t use drugs... Smoking never really fit, but I liked it? And yet, I hated it. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. Hiding from my family and friends. It’s a habit I’ve had off and on for about 18 years. I’d quit for 3 years, then back on, then off for a year, then back on, then off for six months, so on and so forth. It was truly annoying and self deprecating. Then, I turned to Bianca for help. I have to say I was initially skeptical. I really wanted it to work and yet, I didn’t think it would. First off, I’d never been hypnotized. Secondly, I’d never been in therapy. However, by our third session, I felt like a switch had been flipped. I now know that this is not about resistance. My mental framework has completely shifted. I recognize at a deeper level of self, that stopping smoking is a choice to have all of my ideals, values and expectations of myself in alignment. I feel at ease, I don’t think about it. I’m not constantly thinking, “Man I want a cigarette, but I shouldn’t.” Instead, I (with no frequency at all) think, “Smoking is just something that I used to do.”
— W.E.N.

Bianca has supported me through so many different areas - from past childhood memories, to health problems, to limiting beliefs. She listens and develops specific hypnosis sessions to suit your needs. I recommend her services to everyone and plan to be a long term client!
— Entreprenuer

I have been biting my nails non-stop for at least 8 years. After trying to kill this habit for so long, I turned to hypnotherapy and found Bianca. With Bianca’s help, I not only was able to put an end to my awful habit, but I was also given the tools to discover what thoughts were triggering my nail-biting. In only a few weeks I’ve completely stopped biting my nails and made some great leaps in my personal life that I would not have been able to do without Bianca. I go to sleep most nights with a recording Bianca made during my first hypnosis session. Having seen the positive effects of hypnotherapy, I plan on continuing to do sessions to work on other habits and goals.
— Tom V.

When I first came to Bianca, I had a conscious understanding of the issues I wanted to address, but even with all that understanding I was frustrated because I had not been able to change my patterns and core beliefs. Bianca has been wonderful in knowing the right path to take, and leading me along gently in healing my subconscious. I trust her implicitly as a hypnotherapist and guide, she really knows what she is doing and what steps will help me make the changes that am seeking. She has a soothing, melodic speaking voice (this is imperative for hypnotherapy), and that has helped me to relax and feel safe too. I’m still in process with Bianca in my hypnotherapy, yet I have already noticed simple yet significant shifts from our sessions together. Our sessions are helping me to continue my healing on a level that I couldn’t access on my own.
— J.L.

I am from out of town, and was only able to do one session with Bianca, but I am so grateful and want to thank her for all she has done to help me in my healing. She is an incredible and intuitive practitioner and with her help, I have come far in my journey. I was in a very dark place and feeling lost. Traditional therapy had been recommended, however I was not ready of open to discuss my grief. Hypnotherapy was suggested to me as an alternative. I had no idea what to expect, but I was open and knew I needed to move forward with my life. Bianca spent the time to understand my issues and showed me how to take control of my feelings. I feel alive and happy and will never take anything for granted in my life. I still have a ways to go, but I know I have her to help me in my journey. Thank you Bianca!
— Gloria L.